<![CDATA[ginger root garden - blog]]>Thu, 07 Jan 2021 03:57:35 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[aka ginger]]>Mon, 04 Jan 2021 14:21:01 GMThttp://gingerroot.garden/blog/aka-ginger i never know what to write about myself...

for one, i prefer lowercase letters. i try to otherwise follow "proper" rules of writing, but i really do not feel the need to capitalize unless for emphasis or if it is a name or something of that variety, but even then i am not entirely consistent. i've usually changed this for blogs or other public writings, but i would rather be me.

i was born march 24 and my location and time make me an aries sun and moon, with a cancer rising. my enneagram is 5w4, my mbti is infj. my politics are heavily left leaning, but i couldn't give myself a label besides being anti-capitalist. i'm white, cis, asexual but bi-leaning (aka: queer), and use both she/her and fae/faer pronouns.

i've been diagnosed with GAD (generalized anxiety disorder), bipolar 2, and PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder). i am believed to be autistic, and possibly have OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) but outside of my own expertise i have not been formally diagnosed with the last two. it's important to note that it is incredibly difficult for adult women to get a diagnosis of ASD (autism spectrum disorder), so it is unlikely that i will ever receive a formal diagnosis even if i seek one. and that's not even mentioning the expense. i have a lot of allergies and digestion issues, issues regulating body temperature, asthma, undiagnosed chronic pain, and my PTSD has definitely impacted my cognition and memory.

i have a bachelor's degree in psychology, and almost graduated with my master's and went on to be a clinical mental health counselor. i am very well versed in topics of mental health, and continue my education outside of school by learning from my peers and studies published. i enjoy reading about mental health, psychology, wellness, changing perspectives (decolonizing) on these topics, peer support, and politics and psychology.

i feel in my life i have often been dismissed, unheard, or outright ignored, so i go online to process things and feel heard from people outside of my offline life. i have often found refuge in online communities, and think social media is amazing for connection and support. i have been in online communities since i was a young teenager, and continue to find enjoyment and connection there. right now, i am admin to a small instance on mastodon. i have been on the fediverse for a few years now, switching instances a few times, after leaving most popular social media sites.

i enjoy reading, video games (the sims, dragon age series, elder scrolls series, stardew valley, minecraft, fallout series, rpgs, etc.), tv shows (bob's burgers, this is us, schitt's creek, steven universe, pose, ID programs, game shows, reality competitions,  etc.), floral print, pigs, fairy lights, quiet, warm weather, the color green, napping, astrology, art, potatoes, allergy-free products, natural lighting, selfies, matte makeup, introspection, decorating, and probably more things that i just can't think of at the moment.  i love assessments and personality tests of sorts, i find the information to be good to reflect on regardless of if i agree with the results.

i have a partner, and a dog (penelope), and a cat (quinn). we share our living space with his family and hope to make it our own one day, with some more space for sharing. i live on stolen Susquehannock land (central PA), previously lived on stolen Lenapehoking land (near Philadelphia).

i hope to present introspection, vulnerability, and lots of resources. i hope for people to get to know me and the topics i talk about better, asking questions, pursuing knowledge. if you follow me on other social media, you can expect to see similar topics i share to appear here. i hope we can create community here (well, not directly here, but together online). i hope we can have a support system here when folks are in need. i hope to help others as much as i can, when i can. i hope to be accessible, providing image descriptions, closed captioning, proper contrast in graphics, readable fonts,  content warnings, etc.

thanks for reading, stay awhile.